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We are a full service water treatment company here to protect your equipment, your budget and our environment.

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Cooling Towers

Scale prevention in order to ensure equipment is operating at peak heat transfer efficiency. Corrosion reduction to extend the life of your equipment and piping. Bacterialogical control and water conservation.

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Legionella Testing

Keep your building occupants, staff and surrounding environment safe. We help accomplish this by developing and maintaining testing programs and protocols to monitor and control legionella pneumophila in cooling towers, decorative fountains, pools, spas, humidifiers and domestic water systems.

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Steam Boilers

Protecting high and low pressure steam boilers from damaging effects of scale formation and oxygen pitting. Treat boiler water at various phases to not only protect boiler but also protect feed water tank, deaerator and condensate return lines. Cycles of concentration control conserve energy.

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Closed Loops

Full array of corrosion inhibitors to protect piping. Filtration systems to remove suspended solids and contaminates.

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Domestic Water Testing

Making sure your drinking water is safe. Comprehensive testing with over 80 analytes with 22 heavy metals and minerals (including lead, arsenic, uranium, and mercury) our basic analysis includes 47 VOCs and 4 Trihalomethanes.

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Decorative Fountains

Control and monitoring to ensure your decorative fountains look their best, are properly balanced and safe.

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Corrosion Coupon Testing

Steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and biofilm monitoring coupons to name a few. Testing is done to extrapolate actual corrosion rates of the metals in your system.

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Water Softening

Water softeners provide protection against undesireable minerals and water hardness. by using premium ion-exchange resin to eliminate iron, magnesium, calcium and manganese ions from your water supply can protect your equipment from unnecessary wear, and run equipment more efficiently.

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Using a commercial filtration system is a cost-effective way to remove suspend solids from your systems to prevent fouling, reduce corrosion rates, increase equipment life and improve efficiency. We have a wide array of filtration systems to meet your specific needs.